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Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
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80's, all, armchair martian, art, big drill car, black flag, cameras, chip, coffee, colorado, cookies, descendents, doughboys, drag the river, eyes, freaks, french kissing, frogs, girls who shave, graffiti, green eyes, gwar, hairless cats, hanging out naked, having money, heavy metal, hip hop, holga, ice cream, imacs, interaction, interesting people, kissing, kitty cats, kodak, latex, livejournal, lomo, lomography, lomos, many strange things, miniskirts, money, naked girls, naps, nightmare before christmas, nude photography, orchids, photography, plants, pop culture, pop punk, punk, records, self-education, self-expression, sex in strange places, showers, simpsons, slacking, sleep, snowboarding, snuggling, the internet, the ramones, the simpsons, thongs, thrift stores, toys, turtles, underwear, vintage, webcams, wild monkey sex, women
welcome to a world of complete boreddom i dont have much to say. so join me as i explore just how bored one can be